Logo Jamón y Salud Tienda


Jamón y Salud was born with the aim of offering a series of products of the highest quality, guaranteeing all the phases involved in it in a professional manner.

We are producers, ranchers and manufacturers. We are a company dedicated entirely to the development of the quality of our products.

We develop the entire product cycle, which allows us to be able to control excellence, demand the highest quality in each of the phases of product development.


We offer our end customer the highest quality in the form of sausages, hams and shoulders. We seek excellence.


We believe in our work and we invite you to collaborate with our activity, developing a work network to create a common, lasting value, being able to be part of our team, either collaborating in the opening of franchises or being part of our society you will be ham and health: breeder, producer and manufacturer.


Our aim is to improve ourselves day by day, guaranteeing the best products from Extremadura, the cradle of the Iberian ham.


We want to be the meat benchmark.

Health, sustainability and maximum quality are our premises. We want to be next to our customers, offer them what they want. Create excellent products that reach the whole world under a stable and trusted brand.


Tradition, craftwork, identity, origin, guarantee.

Our principles are based on those of our clients. The pleasure of quality, eating well and healthy.

We believe in it and we create value from a social, environmental and economic point of view.

We work smart, efficient and always try to improve